Create healthier human systems that are connected

At Inuous, we will support you to breakdown legacy systems, develop new systems and thrive in the unpredictable and complex world we live in.

Develop coherent systems and align your people with purpose

Your existing systems are perfectly designed to deliver the outcomes you are currently achieving. By developing new systems that are intentionally designed, you can achieve the outcomes you desire.

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Creating healthier human systems

Our methodology and working processes are drawn from decades of learning from leading thinking, research, application and proven results. Fundamentally we are outcome focused, we care about the outcome not our process.


Our methodology aims to get to the real challenges early on through a series of conversations. During the discovery, we gain clarity on the context at hand, so the design and delivery are fit for purpose.


Using Coherence and other proven diagnostic tools, we analyse and interpret what we find to understand what is and isn’t being said. The discovery is filtered through the lens of the five layers of learning.


The design architecture we use is designed to disrupt assumptions, beliefs, biases and schema that are holding up the current patterns in your system. We then address these with the intervention we design.


Each change programme we design is delivered using a different treatment method. The intervention always depends on your environment, systems, context and desired outcomes.


We achieve your outcome by working from our core principles, methodology and process, revealing the context to deliver a change programme through a contextually relevant treatment.

Layered Learning

Filtered through five levels of learning

Layered Learning is the foundation of our design architecture for driving transformational change. By getting to levels four and five, we can understand the cognitive patterns, bias, & schema and challenge current beliefs & assumptions.

5 layers of learning
5 layers of learning


Outcome driven

We achieve your outcome by working from our core principles, using our methodology and process to uncover the context and then delivering a programme of change through a contextually relevant treatment.

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Design change strategies that deliver lasting results

Coherence Lab is an intelligence-led diagnostic platform which helps leaders monitor and deliver outstanding transformational change.

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