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Recently, a client presented us with a fascinating challenge. To develop future-fit leaders into a potent force capable of re-imaging their organisation and driving fundamental transformation. The results have been phenomenal.

A new range of experiences

In these days of virtual working, we believe that such experiences will become vital to maintaining the sense of human connection and replenishing the well of social capital that is drained by the more transactional style of communication that online working encourages and perhaps even at times requires. To that end, we launched a new range of experiences to meet this very need.


Transforming organisations through complexity

Our process begins by bringing clarity to the real challenges at hand. Through a series of conversations, we help you to uncover what you need and want. Our programme design and delivery is then fit for your purpose.


Explore your strengths – how you built them, where they may be over-used, and where you need to adapt.


Experience the fully authentic you in deeper connection with others, gaining new insights on the challenges and opportunities of leading in complexity.


Pick a development area you would like to improve. Understand your internal barriers to change, and create ways to practice new ways of being.


Experience immersions for yourself

Fresh from our experience of creating profound immersive experiences, which are now leading directly to measurable commercial benefits, we’re sharing our learnings with you and others in our field. Understand the value of “immersive offsite” experiences.

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Wednesday 17th May – Friday 19th May 2023 (Women Leaders)

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Our immersive experiences add immense value to some of the hardest to reach parts of organisations. Following a recent programme with Inuous, our clients report staff engagement scores over 10 points above the company average.

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Wednesday 17th May – Friday 19th May 2023 (Women Leaders)

Wednesday 20th Sept – Friday 22nd Sept 2023 (Women Leaders)

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