Performance under pressure

• Navigating the VUCA world

• The growing challenge to do more with less

• Keeping a workforce motivated and focused

• Ever increasing pressure on growth and performance improvement

dont know what to do
stop and rethink
Stop and Rethink

Work and life do not have to be like this – there are new skills for this new world.

How you are perceived in these high impact moments can undermine the confidence and trust that others have for you. Failing to display leadership resilience will jeopardise your ability to influence those around you and erode your effectiveness and organisational performance.


Resilience needs to go beyond the dictionary definition. Your challenges demand more than simply bouncing back when faced with stress or pressure. You need solutions for generating peak performance under this consistent pressure.

Resilience training provides new skills for a new world where your organisation:

  • Performs with clarity under pressure
  • Is resourceful under stress
  • Innovates with limited resources
  • Embraces a sustainable relationship with uncertainty
  • Cultivates a productive mind-set
  • Leverages innate strengths
help you get there

Resilience Keynote

3-hour rocket sled resilience ride where the G forces of change pull at your assumptions and challenge your abilities for achieving performance under pressure. Hang on through this accelerated interactive session that will draw you in through shattering your previous patterns of coping with uncertainty, while developing tools for your sustainable success under pressure. Action oriented, fast paced team exercises surface innate reactions that quickly provide rich opportunities for rapid growth and learning.

Story Archeology

Master the process of story archeology to build instantaneous connections which deepen understanding, trust and respect. Recognize the moments that matter and learn to uncover, prioritize and develop a focused presence by understanding innate talents.. Better understand your capabilities through interactive team exercises that reveal your unique areas to be counted on and trusted. Discover hidden capabilities that others observe in you, while learning skills of clear feedback that keep you focused during stress.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning that brings clarity and simplicity to overwhelming situations. We use the latest breakthroughs in the neuroscience of learning to dismantle old beliefs about stress and uncertainty, while assisting you in building new powerful techniques to flatten complexity and create daily habits to continually develop resilience


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